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This is for educational purposes. I do not claim to own the rights to this film. If the owner of this Documentary does not wish it to be available on YouTube, please contact me... I am sharing this with the Love of Christ for biblical and scientific information to consider as we walk now through these End Times... Bless and Thank you. Remember Always, YAHWEH GOD STILL SITS ON THE THRONE.. HE IS IN CONTROL AND HE KEEPS THOSE WHO HAVE SURRENDERED HEARTS TO YESHUA CHRIST, HIDDEN UNDER HIS FEATHERS AND HE KEEPS HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER YOU, HE WILL PROVIDE THE WAY THROUGH..! ALSO READ PSALM 91 and Stand Firm! Much Love and Shalom to all.
Uploaded2012-01-02 at 02:23:25
UploaderJustice End-Time News
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